I need to admit something a little sad. I think I’ve officially been desensitized to the presence of Photoshop. In fact, it’s not even the unnaturally smooth seams or wrinkleless faces that I’m used to. I don’t seem to bat an eye anymore at oddly proportioned bodies and blatant misunderstanding of anatomy. Basically, if a limb isn’t missing, I don’t even really consider it a Photoshop disaster anymore.

I came to this realization when an awesome reader emailed me with this picture of Ralph Lauren swimsuits on Lord & Taylor’s website. She said admitted that it was subtle, but that the models still looked “warped.” And really, her adjective was perfect.

It’s not nearly as obvious as so many of Ralph Lauren’s past disasters. She seems to be in possession of her ribs, which is always a good place to start for Lauren. And yet, when you look at her left hip and thigh, there’s been some definitely manipulation. Also, maybe it’s just me, but her vagina seems to be handing to the left, no?

I mean, this picture had some work done! It’s not like, Heidi Montag or Joan Rivers level plastic surgery. It’s more like fillers and injections that flat-out under-the-knife procedures.

And for a minute, I sat staring at it, “Well yea. This is just how magazines look now. At least it’s not a digital mannequin.” How sad is that thought process? I actually gave the company credit for using a real human being. It has all the right parts, and apparently that’s enough for me.

I feel a little disgusted with myself. This is obvious whittling of a woman’s hip. Even more than that, it was unnecessary. This is a slim and attractive woman. She didn’t need to lose a couple inches off of one hip to adequately model a two-piece.

To answer my own question. Yes, this should be considered a photoshop fail. We shouldn’t need blatant amputation to call out marketers and fashion designers. These distorted and unrealistic dimensions should be enough to classify this as yet another fail for Ralph Lauren. And thank you to our reader for reminding me of that.