There are so many amazing Linda Farrow collaboration sunglasses designs popping up every season that I can hardly keep!  The amazing part of it is that no matter how diverse the designer, I always love their collection.  Linda Farrow’s designs are always chic and sophisticated.

Matthew Williamson is famous for his happy and colorful dresses, so it’s no surprise that his collaboration with Linda Farrow produced sunglasses styles that instantly transport you to a tropical island.

Image: Aloha Rag

Linda Farrow Clear/Pink Sunglasses $340

For all of you girls and guys out there who love pink, this is the perfect pair of sunnies for you!  The shape is in a classy Linda Farrow style and the neon pink is in a definite Matthew Williamson style.  The clear acetate with the bright pink only on the inside rim creates a subtle pink, which uses the neon shade quite successfully.

Image: Aloha Rag

Linda Farrow Clear/Lemon Sunglasses $340

Image: Aloha Rag

Linda Farrow Clear/Rainbow Sunglasses $340

I love sunglasses with fun color combinations for 2010, so this subtle rainbow design is perfect.  I would love to see these worn on the beach to see how the colors look in the sun…could you find a pair of sunglasses more perfect for Hawaii?

These Linda Farrow x Matthew Williamson sunglasses designs are available from designer boutique Aloha Rag either in stores or online.