In what has to be the most entertaining bit of information of the week, it appears that everyone’s favorite hot mess, Lindsay Lohan is now offering fashion and beauty advice. Don’t worry, she isn’t getting a column or anything. No, she’s just telling her mom, Dina, who looks like her twin these days, how she’s desperately in need of a makeover.

I’ll say it again in case you’re confused: Lindsay Lohan thinks her mom needs a makeover. I’ll let that marinated for a few.

According to Us Weekly, while at Randi Rahm’s Fashion Week cocktail party Dina said:

“[Lindsay and Ali] are always telling me to cut my hair. You know, you think you’re fashion forward, and then you have children who are way more, but you make your own look [work]. But it’s hard when your girls are like, ‘Mom, you look scary.'”

I’m sorry. Come again? Dina looks scary? Then what does Lindsay think of her look? Can she not see that the two of them are practically clones of each other? And Ali? What does Ali “I got so much plastic surgery I look like an alien with dead eyes from the planet Neptune” Lohan have to offer on the fashion and beauty front?

It’s a strange world out there, people. And since the day has come that Lindsay, who looked like this the other night at the amFar Event Gala, is offering unsolicited advice about fashion, it might be better to stick your head in the sand and just check out for a bit. Eventually she has to come to her senses, or at least one would think (read: hope.)