Snookie Z100's Jingle Ball 2013Last night’s Jingle Ball red carpet at New York’s Madison Square Garden was just a disaster of terrible fashion. Terrible red carpets are wonderful in their own regard, because we get to look at some truly ill-conceived outfits, like the bizarre number Snooki wore above. The little sweater, sparkly shorts and sheer skirt weren’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things, but her weirdly oversized clutch and the giant rubber ankle straps on her shoes remind us of that time we tried to use American Girl accessories on Barbie. The scale is just off.

Snookie was not the worst on that red carpet though. Excited, we turned to one of the usual offenders, Miley Cyrus. True to form, last night she put on some bizarre clothes, but somehow she pulled it off.

Z100 jingle ball at MSGShe’s wearing a prim blouse over a black bra with wide-leg trousers with a yellow stripe down the side, and somehow she still looks like a million bucks. Well-played, Cyrus.

And we have to give additional props to Miley Cyrus’s beauty team, because they killed it again. Look how gorgeous she looks:

Z100 jingle ball at MSGIf Miley Cyrus advertised foundation, we would buy it.

With Miley out of the running for worst dressed of the Jingle Ball, surprise contender Lindsay Lohan stepped in and easily swept the field in an oversized novelty T-shirt, which could have been cute, except she paired it Lindsay Lohan fashion with pointy boots and crotch-high leather stockings.

Lindsay Lohan Z100 jingle ball at MSGWe wish nothing but the best for Lohan. She’s Cady from Mean Girls, after all!  She’s an extremely beautiful woman and actually a good actress, but right now we just want to give her a haircut, some jeans, and some time with Miley’s makeup people.

Z100 jingle ball at MSG


Photos Via WENN