As you’ve no doubt already heard, Lindsay Lohan has officially completed her probation requirements and is a mostly free woman. But what’s more noteworthy is that after years and years of court appearances, Lohan has finally nailed probation-hearing attire.

And now, she doesn’t have to go anymore.

It’s a waste of a sartorial epiphany, really — I mean, look at her. She looks like fucking Hillary Clinton. She should have been wearing this pantsuit every day for the past five years of her life. Neckline up to the actual neck, pearls, tailored jacket and slacks…this ensemble screams “not a fuck-up.”

I mean, maybe she just wasn’t ready until now.

The outfit is tastefully comprised of pieces from Givenchy, Celine, and The Row. Here’s hoping that she finds some way to take advantage of it again in the future.

Photo by AKM-GSI via TMZ