lindsay-lohan-cannes-c3poI will never stop rooting for Lindsay Lohan. She’s had a bad run of things, but I believe she can turn it around, and her latest appearance at the Cannes Film Festival makes me more optimistic than ever.

Lohan seemed to be feeling pretty optimistic herself, because she draped herself in five shades of gold at once for the occasion. She sparkled like a disco ball that was trying to get C-3PO to notice her. She was no slouch in the label department, either. Those gold shoes are by Isabel Marant, and the shiny gold bag is Saint Laurent. (It feels weird to be rooting for luck to turn around for a person whose accessories retail for more than you make in a month, but that’s where I am right now.)

Thankfully, Lohan has gone back to her trademark red hair. She was blond for a long time, but that always felt like an interruption. Now she’s back to normal, and yellow is a very good color on a lot of redheads.

This look might not be a “do” on another actress, but Lohan wears it well. Normally we don’t advise wearing five shades of gold at once, but she stuck with the look and that takes guts. And it doesn’t hurt that she looks really happy. Your mom was right, a smile really is the best accessory.


I admire Lohan for showing up and making the best of it. She doesn’t have a movie to promote at Cannes, or a $20 million Dior deal and all the couture dresses and giant emerald earrings she can wear. But she’s still showing up and making appearances and doing her best, and that’s commendable. I for one cannot wait to see what she does next.

(Photos: WENN)