Lindsay Lohan loves being provocative in increasingly banal ways: Terry Richardson snapped the fallen starlet with a gun to her head (and in her mouth because she loves putting things in her mouth) and posted it online amid the rest of his harshly-lit softcore, as is his wont. There’s a bunch more, obviously, because this kind of genius can’t be captured in just one shot.

But there’s a twist! Terry Richardson removed the images soon after when the Daily News pointed out that Tyler Shields already photographed Lindsay Lohan with a gun in her mouth (and in or near her mouth, etc). Yes, in an amusing turn of events, Terry Richardson actually ripped off the facile edginess of Tyler Shields, the man who built a career on ripping off the facile edginess of Terry Richardson! It’s like a douchebag Ouroboros!

Shields’ quote to the News: “Hold on let me look. […] Wait, what(?!) HAHAHAHAHA oh man, s— happens.”

Here are some of the Shields shots:

It’s also worth noting that Shields is an established fan of this dumb trope. Here it is on Hayden Panettiere: