Celebrities love posting selfies on Instagram. Love it. It is an almost proven fact that some celebrities can survive on Instagram selfies alone. (After all, what are sunlight, food and shelter when not seen through a Walden filter?) Lindsay Lohan is unsurprisingly one of these famous photo lovers, and last night, she took a predictably half-naked selfie that she then posted on Instagram.

In the picture (above), LiLo is shown taking everybody’s favorite picture: the mirror shot. And by “everybody” I mean “guys on OKCupid who are all, ‘Oh, me? I just came from the gym and am sweaty and happen to have this camera phone handy.'” Except she looks really uncomfortable because (A) who stands like that? and (B) all I can imagine is LiLo taking like 10 different photos in an attempt to snap one that doesn’t reveal her face but does maintain a solid angle of her loose tank top and lacy underwear.

But that’s not all she’s been posting on Instagram lately: in addition to her awkward selfies, she also put up this picture of designer Tal Cooperman in her bed with the caption, “@tallywood haha #sleepingbeauty”:

Lindsay Lohan Instagram Tal Callaghan

Photo: Instagram

Does anybody else get weirded out when people post pics of their friends or significant others sleeping? Always seems a little creepy to me, though perhaps I’ve just seen V/H/S too many times.

Lindsay also Instagrammed this bizarre picture in a tunnel captioned, “@thetylershields #thedirtysideofglamour,” but I think it’s just #thedirtysideoftheroad considering that person (?) lying down is likely going to have gum, dirt and McDonald’s all over his (?) jacket. (Note to self: Title LiLo biopic for Lifetime, “Gum, Dirt & McDonald’s.”)

Lindsay Lohan Instagram tunnel photo

Photo: Instagram