Lindsay Lohan Waist-Training PhotoshopIt looks like Lindsay Lohan still hasn’t taken a course in how to use Photoshop. Lindsay posted a photo of herself wearing a trendy waist-training corset on Twitter and she decided to badly Photoshop it since her corset wasn’t making her waist small enough. Oh, Lindz.

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Celebrities love their waist-training corsets and are taking to social media to show off the teeny tiny waists they achieve while wearing them. Maybe Lindsay didn’t know how to use hers correctly or perhaps she didn’t feel like cinching it and wearing it for more than two minutes because she decided the most effective waist-training corset was a photoshopped one. Lindsay captioned the photo: “Just received my waist trainer from @nowaistclique!! #LovingIt #majorsituation”

Lindsay’s Twitter followers were quick to take notice of the terrible Photoshop. There were many distortions in the selfie that people pointed out, including the wonky background, a telltale Photoshop sign. The bottom stairs seems to be melting.

This definitely isn’t the first time Lindsay has been criticized for her awful and obvious Photohshop. Recently, Lindsay was called out for badly photoshopping a photo that made her thighs smaller and her butt larger. She also posted a photo where her waist looked like it was the size of a Barbie doll’s.

After the criticism, Lindsay deleted the image. Perhaps Lindsay will learn her lesson this time about Photoshop and realize that it really isn’t necessary, or she will at least learn how to use it so everyone doesn’t laugh at her Photoshop fail every time she uploads a new pic.

(Photo: Twitter/LindsayLohan)