This is what Lindsay Lohan wore after her recent Playboy shoot. The Daily Mail claims it was tasteful and  that “the 25-year-old donned a baggy black cardigan over a beige skirt with just a hint of cleavage is unlike her usual skimpy attire, including her sexy maid and nurse Halloween outfits over the weekend.”

I think she looks like an old-timey prostitute!

I’m not saying I dislike that, I’m just saying that I think the look she channeled here was less “tasteful” and more “good time girl with a heart of gold in Butterfield 8, basically.” Which is fine! I think Hugh Hefner probably loved that look! But just wearing a black cardigan really doesn’t move the look into buttoned up territory, especially when all your cleavage is showing. I thought! I could be wrong. Please vote.

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