Just because Lindsay Lohan is currently in a bit of legal trouble doesn’t mean she can’t get her shill on for luxury brands that think drug addicted starlets are cool. Like Louis Vuitton!

In this latest marriage of high fashion and downward spirals, a court-weary LiLo gazes away from the proceedings. Her greasy hair and glazed over eyes show that she has neither had time to sleep nor shower, so worried has she been about her impending sentence. She looks over at her Louis Vuitton bag, searching for some kind of salvation, some answer. And there, in the interlocking L and V pattern, she finds her great and terrible Luxury God.

Just kidding, this is a fake ad made by Daniel Pianetti. But would it be so farfetched if it were real? Brands love to try for “edginess” in various ways, and what’s more faux-edgy than a troubled starlet? The only thing that marks it as a clear fake is how strung out LiLo looks in this photo, because you know that would never fly with her.

And can we talk about what’s up with her hair? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it quite this jacked before. It looks like a combo of bad extensions and poor haircare, but I’m no hair expert. Maybe she stopped washing it on purpose to be more like Cory Kennedy, who seems to have a fun life that is relatively free of drama? I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but LiLo could probably stand to hang out with Cory Kennedy more. She would probably be a good influence.

(Via Buzzfeed)

Photo: Getty Images/Daniel Pianetti