lindsay lohan

Denver Broncos fans and Peyton Manning fans are probably fine, but Seattle Seahawks fans might want to rethink their allegiance before Sunday’s Super Bowl, or at least consider not letting any money ride on the game, because somehow Lindsay Lohan has gotten involved.

According to The Cut, Lohan has accused injured Seahawks player Sidney Rice of causing the disappearance of “half of her $75,000 fur coat” when they were partying together at 1Oak. Lohan does not seem to have uneventful evenings at that particular club, considering she was accused of stealing someone else’s $12,000 fur coat from the club back in 2008. Lohan was actually supposed to be banned from the club a long time ago, but somehow she got in to hang out with Rice, and afterwards her father, Michael Lohan, called the club and said half of an expensive two-piece fur coat had disappeared.

A Page Six source, however, says Lohan’s mystery coat never even existed, which makes the whole story really weird and sad. The source said this:

“There was no fur coat. Lindsay arrived in a leather jacket with a separate long fur shawl. Lindsay’s friend was holding her shawl. At one point, he held the shawl over the table and it caught fire by the candle. When Lindsay left she put on the leather jacket and the shawl. Club surveillance shows she walked out wearing the same coat she arrived in. She never said anything about any ‘missing’ coat.”

Maybe the coat was made up, or maybe she lost the missing half of her coat long before she ever made it to 1Oak.

Rice has been out with an injury since October, but getting involved in a nightclub imbroglio with Lindsay Lohan the week of the Super Bowl cannot possibly be a good sign. If we were in charge of calculating the odds on the game, which luckily we are not, we would deduct points just for the association.