Here are three things there’s no chance you’re not sick of: 1) Lindsay Lohan, 2) Terry Richardson, celebrities getting 3)  all Marilyn Monroe‘ed out and vamping about in bonde waves, red lipstick and vintage lingerie. …Add “double negatives” as a potential four?

Anyway, Richardson and Lohan’s sleazy love affair endures in the latest issue of Love (the one with Linda Evangelista on the cover) and these here are the outtakes. All the typical Richardson ingredients are present: semi-nudity, cigarettes, upskirts, saturated light, blank expressions, etc. so if panty shots of Lindsay Lohan aren’t safe for your work, don’t look.


(via DListed‘s Michael K, who muses, “Maybe it’s because I’m always used to seeing LiLo looking like four layers of hell loosely wrapped around lukewarm tragic, but these aren’t that bad.”)