Let’s be truthful: Lindsay Lohan looks mildly ridiculous at least 80% of the time. From bronzer blunders to having the least seductive signature pose ever, LiLo tends to teeter a line somewhere between Courtney Love’s messiest days and an off-strip Las Vegas Marilyn Monroe impersonator.

However, she spruced up quite a bit for the premiere of Lifetime’s Liz & Dick (I didn’t even realize Lifetime had premieres, but I assume it was a special case given all the publicity surrounding the film).

I’ll be honest, I pretty much hate this Donna Dashini dress. It sort of resembles the ones from Deb and other junior stores during prom season, with its over-the-top navel-revealing front complete with dangly beads. Even if this is how it’s supposed to appear, it nevertheless looks ill-fitting and a bit uncomfortable.

However, I admittedly love her hair and makeup. It’s definitely heavy, but it still looks quite nice and I don’t feel like her makeup artist is playing a cruel joke on her for once. Plus, it’s endearing that she’s showing off the freckles that helped make her famous.

She later added a fur shawl that upped the old Hollywood glamour factor.

Overall, I give this look a B-minus. On most people, it’d be a D given that dress, but there’s a certain curve that comes into play here.

Lohan reportedly told Us Weekly that she wants to be known as an “actress, not a troubled starlet.” Now, while I wouldn’t use the word “starlet” for her, as it implies she isn’t primarily famous for several DUIs and only one good movie, it is sort of optimistic to know that she desires to improve. Maybe? Probably not, but it’s nice to dream.

Photos: FayesVision/WENN.com