Remember that picture of Lindsay Lohan at the Paper Magazine March issue luncheon? I loved her multi-print dress but didn’t know where to find it, let alone something similar. But we sure did find affordable versions of her black blazer, didn’t we? :)

Guess what? I found something similar to her dress and it’s on sale for $115. If I didn’t know any better, I’ll guess that it’s from the same designer. But I’m really not Find out where to get it after the fold….


*Image Via Dillard’s.

It’s Voom by Joy Han “Magazine” Minidress. It looks similar to what Lindsay is wearing right? Not that I’m brave enough to pull it off myself but being the always curious fashionista that I am, I just had to find something similar. Hey, who knows, you ladies might want it and wear with with a blazer ala Lindsay :). Anyhooo, it used to be $290, but is now on sale for $115. Kewl!! :)