In what is perhaps the most clever use I’ve seen of that annoying spot where two pages of a magazine meet (“the gutter,” in industry parlance), a high-end Spanish lingerie line called Jane Pain recently put out ads in which their models appear to be showing their genitals. However, upon closer inspection, they are only almost showing their genitals. Tagline: “What you can’t see is all you want to see.” Because you want to see their nipples and vaginas! Get it?

I’m not sure how photos of ladies with no bras or panties on are going to sell lingerie, but maybe that’s why I’m not in marketing? Anyway, I guess it’s a sneaky way to sort-of put vaginas in the ads without getting rejected by non-pornographic magazines. I’m always for circumventing the rules of propriety.

One thing that freaks me out about these ads, though, is that I hardly did a double take when I first saw them. I’m so used to seeing lingerie models with smooth, nipple-less, labia-less Barbie doll bodies that I’ve just come to accept it as a given. I’ve often wondered if it’s really just Photoshop, or if Victoria’s Secret Angels are born without nipples. I’ll be more surprised when I see people in lingerie ads who look like human women. It’s also sort of a tease to present a phone, spread-legged woman without a vagina. Then again, that might be a very apt metaphor for consumerism itself.

(Via Buzzfeed)

Photos: Jane Pain