Yes. This is me... the girl who only wears black undergarments.

Yes. This is me… the girl who only wears black undergarments.

Lingerie is hot. Whether you opt for lace or cute cotton cheeky boy-shorts, when it comes to underwear, bras or even more involved looks like garters and teddies, it’s made to be worn and make you feel sexy.

Despite having been told by your mom that you should always wear clean underwear, don’t you just love the way lingerie makes you look and feel? Even those of you who struggle with body image have to admit that a new bra and matching undies does something to your walk. All of a sudden you have a strut; you swing your hips with a seductive ease and you’re overcome with sexuality. It’s sort of like the first time you get a Brazilian wax and you’re overly aware of all your bits and pieces down there.

You may have granny panties for when you have your period, and that’s cool; we all do. But for every other day of the week, you should rock your loveliest underthings. You just should. Lingerie is meant for everyday.