Where the hell have I been? And why am I so late on the news that Topshop (reknowned UK “cheap-chic” retailer, who I came to know and love via Polyvore) delivers to the U.S.?!? And has been since early this year??? You know what. I am ashamed to call myself a fashion blogger. And I’m afraid this is bad news– for my wallet, that is. I’d JUST made a vow last week to ease up on the shopping. Just last week! How am I supposed to do that now!?

Already, I see things I’m loving. And I spy tons of Same Look for Less items, mind you, I’ve only been on the site for the past 15 minutes!

Remember this piece I did last week on Hayden Panettiere?


Well, I found the perrrrfect jacket (true, its NOT real leather, but honestly with this cut, do you care???)

Piped Bomber Jacket £45.00


And remember yesterday’s piece I did on Alexis Phiffer (Kanye West’s fiancee?)


Well, I found me some skinny leather pants!!!

Leather Studded Trousers £95.00

If that’s too pricey, you can always go the faux-leather look:

Ruche Leg Skinny Trousers £40.00


Is your heart pounding yet? I’m literally salivating here…it’s an addiction, I keep telling you and you all think I’m kidding. But I digress. Let’s keep keep this going. So, in the same vein as Alexis’ look above, let’s put together an ensemble. And, for my Hot Mamas to Be, I’ll do one for you too! *wink!* (For detailed items/retailers, click image.)

MATERNITY (All items below are from Topshop, except the handbag and shoes. For more details click image):

It’s almost the same as the first Same Look set. Almost. I didn’t include heels, leather pants or a leather jacket, but the maternity ankle zip leggings have a bit of sheen to them because they are mainly viscose, and they are 100% maternity (TopShop has an entire section dedicated to you pregnant Hot Mamas. See? They actually GET it! We can be expecting and hot at the same time. About damn time this concept started catching on we can thank the countless expecting/new mom celebs out there for that). The leggings give the ‘illusion’ of leather, without the restrictions of it. And when you’re ‘heavy pregnant’, as I call it, do really want any more restrictions (no sushi, no wine, no this, no that…ugh!)?