Liz Krueger Wedding Outfit

(Photo: Instagram/MsLizKrueger)

Weddings are supposed to be happy, magical times for everyone involved. However, that was not the case at a recent wedding that fitness and nutrition coach Liz Krueger attended. Liz wore a short, strapless, peach, white and beige dress to the event, and ended up being the victim of bullying because of it.

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Other wedding attendees were reportedly very rude to Liz and even went so far as to make comments and grab her. Liz pointed out to Us Weekly that she did not wear the dress to the church service, but to the reception where other attendees were dressed in baseball caps and jeans. However, her dress was still seen as an issue.

Instead of putting the incident behind her and forgetting about it, Liz took to social media to write about the experience and speak out about bullying. On Instagram, Liz posted a photo of her wedding look and recounted what happened to her:

“If only I knew that choosing this dress for a wedding on a 90-degree day meant so many women would be out-rightly rude to me, and even come up behind me slap my ass as I’m standing alone. As quote ‘It was a dare from her friends, [because] I was a target.’ And then proceed to spill a full beer down my arm Just one of maaaaany acts of kindness of the night! Yup. That happened. Good thing for thick skin, being able to laugh at things and not take it personally, and good friends/hubby by my side #adultsarebullystoo Regardless, we had one heck of [a] fun night and no ‘grown’ women’s comments/glares could bring me down as a wedding guest.”

Liz’s post has received lots of positive feedback and it is now going viral. Liz has been touched by the amount of support she has received and she has started the hashtag #KruegerKindness in an effort to stop this type of bullying. She wrote another post on Instagram about the movement she has started:

Krueger Kindness


“I’m starting my own kindness movement #KruegerKindness! Whether it’s just a party of 1 (me), or others want to join me! I’m going to actively make it a priority to do good things for other women, every single day from here on out. I’m hoping to inspire others to do the same, just as I have with fitness journey.
Anything as simple as a complimenting a women daily, buying them a coffee/lunch, taking the time to speak to someone who’s in a hard place, volunteering with girls who have been bullied, getting to know women deeper than surface level and making a point myself to not judge a book by its cover on a daily basis.
A movement for women, by women, and it’s starting with me! If you want to join me in this movement, share your stories on social media with #KruegerKindness and let’s kill all the mean girls with kindness. We live in a world that needs more women willing to put themselves out there for a good cause!!! Who’s with me!?”

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The #KrugerKindess movement definitely will not be a party of one. The post already has almost 400 likes and numerous comments about loving yourself and ignoring the haters.

What started out as a simple wardrobe choice has quickly blossomed into a powerful movement about kindness and love. And those two things are the key to ending bullying.