header loft x hot mess moves via YoutubeTowards the end of last year clothing store LOFT made a couple of videos with Lyle Friedman and Ashley Skidmore, the kickass team behind the web series #hotmessmoves. Remember that?

The internet (me included) seems to love the  #hotmessmoves web series seeing as the series’ YouTube channel has over 21,000 subscribers. It didn’t, however, much appreciate #desperatemeasures, a video that Ashley and Lyle made in collaboration with LOFT. Like other women who viewed the clip, I felt like LOFT’s attempt at promoting body positivity by poking fun at a woman’s obsession with losing weight fell kind of flat.


When I learned that LOFT had released a statement to TODAY.com about the video, I was thinking that maybe they’d explain how they came up with the concept or why they thought this approach to engaging the conversation about body issues was best.

But instead what they ended up telling TODAY.com was just this:

 “We teamed up with the comediennes of #hotmessmoves to create a series of videos on LOFT.com, which prove your best resolution for 2015 should be to stay exactly the same, because you’re perfect just the way you are…”

Their response kind of misses the point. In a world where your customers can let you know exactly how they feel in a matter of seconds, I think LOFT is losing a big opportunity to respond to something that their customers seem to feel pretty strongly about. Instead of reiterating their commitment to a message that never quite landed, they could have teamed up with Lyle and Ashley to make a self-deprecating response video to people’s concerns about it.

But instead of doing that they sort of  just rehashed the video’s description on YouTube which reads like this:

“Statistically, only half the people who make resolutions keep them. That’s why we invited Ashley Skidmore and Lyle Friedman, the hilarious duo behind the hit web series #HOTMESSMOVES, to show us reasons why maybe your best resolution for 2015 should be: stay exactly the same.”The message about being “perfect just the way you are.”

I’m not sure that big business will ever get it right when it comes to important women’s issues. I did end up loving #hotmessmoves and plan to binge watch it on YouTube so I guess at least one good thing came out of this.