I saw this beautiful Bateau-neck tunic dress that’s on sale for under $15 on Newsport. I was about to start writing all sorts of things showing how much I like the neckline and the lace underlay on the sleeves and how I would wear it when I decide, hey,. why don’t I just show you exactly the things I would wear the dress with. So here it is.


Bateau-neck tunic dress, $14.99

Finale Pleated Cuff Booties, $23.80

Forever21 Mini-Diamond Patterned Thighs, $6.80

Forever21 Triple Bead Strand Necklace, $5.80

Forever21 Embedded Glitter Bangle, $5.80

Forever21 Onyx and Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings, $5.80

The great thing about thies Bateau tunic dress is that it’ll also look good without the tights. If you don’t want to wear booties, gladiator pumps would look chic with it too. Come Spring or Summer, you can wear any summer shoes you’ve got. Even the gladiator flats. The dress is also versatile with either a clutch or tote bags. Wonderful!

(Images: Newport-News, Forever21, UrbanOG)