Julianne Moore is one radiant lady as she celebrates the 125th anniversary of Bulgari. There’s probably a lot of pressure to look amazing when you’re the face of the brand, and I think she soars in this moody gothic piece from Lanvin’s Fall 2010 collection.

Moore dons a lot of Lanvin on the red carpet (recently here and here) though I think this is her greatest success of the bunch. I love the raven feather mane at the neck, embellished sleeves and the otherwise dead simple cut. She keeps the accessories discreet with a thin belt, black booties and a stream-lined clutch.

If I had to criticize, I think the black tights weigh it down just a bit…

…However, I would do very, very well to look this remarkable in a thigh-baring Lanvin dress when I’m 50, like Julianne as of this month.

Good lord, woman. Keep doing whatever you’re doing.

(Photo by Getty via Daily Mail)