Often nuttily-dressed actress/singer/oddball Juliette Lewis showed up to the Due Date premiere and showed people how it’s done.

Although the look is not for everyone, she’s pretty amazing in this cascading one-shouldered gown. The pale pink is gorgeous on her, the ruffles are visually striking without overwhelming her or the dress, she’s in fantastic shape, has great posture, and her relaxed shag with fringe-y bangs looks fresh.

To say nothing else of how lovely and ageless she looks, she absolutely nailed the How to Dress for the Premiere of a Buddy Comedy problem (i.e., not looking inappropriately stuffy and formal or unimaginative and lazy).

I’m not crazy about the strappy purple heels because I would have preferred something a little simpler, but I’m nitpicking. This is the best I’ve seen her look in as long as I can remember.