How about an early summer look inspiration to get the funk out of the cold winter weather we’re having? This Aidan Mattox Chiffon Niteline White Dress should do the trick. White dress and a wedge is always a great combination for a summer outfit.


Aidan Mattox Niteline Chiffon Flyaway Dress, $40 (12)

Classified Strappy Wedge, $19.20

Charlotte Russe Patent Tie Tote, $24.99

Forever21 Expandable Jewel Bracelet, $9.80

Charlotte Russe Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings, $7.50

Since the dress has beautiful rosette detailing on the bustline I’ve decided to forgo on the necklace. I didn’t want anything trying to get the focus out of the rosette accents from the dress. Wear it as a summer white dress or turn it into a bridal cocktail dress during the rehearsal party. OR, as a dress for the bridal shower. Whatever occasion you chose to wear this dress on, I’m sure the eyes will be on you.

(Images: Forever21, Charlotte Russe, edressme, UrbanOG)