We’re not really one of those “OMG LOOK AT HER RING ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL AND RING-LIKE!!!” ladysites, so let me justify posting this image by saying: for the past year every other week we have been haunted by one of three kinds of Kate Moss stories.

1) Kate Moss is getting married to her boyfriend Jamie Hince!

2) Kate Moss is breaking up with her boyfriend Jamie Hince!

3) Kate Moss is reconciling with her boyfriend Jamie Hince and they’re going to Thailand for some R&R and she’ll no longer be designing for TopShop but she has a new fragrance and she’s the face of fucking everything and KATE GODDAMN MOSS.

This is different from those three stories because it is not an unfounded rumor about Kate’s impending wedding, but rather photographic evidence of its impending-ness. So, hey, nice ring. It’s a vintage diamond from the ’20s.


(Photo via Modelinia, but not sure who it belongs to–?)