Lorde, your favorite precocious teen next to Tavi, is sparkling like a modern art disco ball on the cover of her first Canadian fashion magazine. She looks stunning, but we can’t imagine she’s very happy about how much she’s been Photoshopped.

Earlier this week Lorde posted a matched set of photos of her in concert. In one, her skin was Photoshopped to look perfectly clear and bright and glowing (and also a little blurry.) In the other, she was unaltered and we could see her real skin, light teenage acne and all. Lorde preferred the latter, and took umbrage at the idea that her face had to be digitally smoothed to be fit for human consumption.

“i find this curious. Two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are ok :-),” she said.

Given that healthy, mature position towards flaws, Photoshop, and her public image, we can’t help but assume that Lorde is rolling her eyes at this Fashion cover, where her skin has been smoothed and tweaked and filtered to typical fashion magazine levels of perfection.

In the grand scheme of things, this is far from the most Photoshopped cover we’ve ever seen, and we love Lorde’s Dolce & Gabbana dress, hair, and makeup. But it has still been obviously altered and the fact that it came out just days after Lorde publicly spoke out about embracing flaws and unnecessary Photoshop drives home the fact that we really can’t get away from this artificial impression of perfection.

We know that magazines are going to Photoshop their cover stars, and we’re sure Lorde knows it too. Even celebrities that are opposed to the being digitally manipulated are going to feel the cold brush of a blur tool across their cheek throughout their careers. In Lorde’s case, we doubt she’s any happier about it than we are.

(Photo: Fashion Magazine)