Lorde Stella MagazineIt has always been clear that Lorde has a signature style. She may occasional trade in her all-black looks for a Charlie Chaplin suit, or even a tube top paired with red lipstick, but she will always go back to her dark outfits, plum lipstick and curly hair. That’s why it is always exciting when she switches things up, whether it is on the red carpet or for a photo shootLorde appears on the cover of Stella Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph‘s magazine, looking completely different.

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Lorde is photographed by Anna Huix. Her normally curly hair has been bow-dryed straight and she’s rocking a voluminous, messy pompadour. Instead of emphasizing her mouth with dark lipstick, her eyes are the focus with a major black cat eye. That’s not all. She’s also wearing a white turtleneck with high-waist navy pants and a sci-fi silver necklace in place of her usual somber outfits.

If you just look quickly at the photo and ignore the headline, you may not even realize this is Lorde. She looks a bit like Gaby Hoffmann aka Adam’s sister, Caroline, from Girls. I mean that as a compliment, not an insult. As much as I love Lorde’s signature look, I also really love this cover. Even if she doesn’t decide to keep the futuristic choker, I think Lorde could easily work that graphic eyeliner into her look.

Check out Stella Magazine to read Lorde’s full interview.

(Photo: Stella Magazine/Anna Huix)