Our favorite teenager is on the May cover of Teen Vogue wearing what looks to be a giant picnic blanket, and if anybody could make giant picnic blankets happen for spring, it’s Lorde.

It isn’t actually a picnic blanket. It’s a long-sleeved plaid shirt with a ginormous bow in the middle of the chest, and according to some of the backstage pictures on TeenVogue.com, there’s even a matching pair of pants. Whatever, Lorde can wear all the plaid and she will surely look as amazing as she did performing at Coachella in a giant, liquid-gold cape that made her look like a science fair project, but in a cool way.

The cover lines are all very Lorde-appropriate. One is on hair that rules, which Lorde obviously has in abundance. (Lorde says she has not cut her hair in seven years. If our hair looked like that, we’d never cut it either.) Two more are about rock and music, for which Lorde and her cool, red plaid top are perfectly appropriate.

The plaid top with its giant bow is pretty crazy, but on Lorde it looks amazing because Lorde is living proof that if you are cool and confident enough, you can wear anything and look like a damn rock star. How else could a person make a bubblegum pink pantsuit look like the most badass, rock-and-roll outfit since Mick Jagger’s leather pants?

Lorde is quickly becoming a fashion icon at just 17 years old, and she’s giving us an excellent lesson in how to wear the shit out of anything: Just stand up straight, put the clothes on your body, and remember that you’re a total badass and can wear what-the-hell-ever you want, even a giant picnic blanket with a bow on it.

(Photo: Teen Vogue