Vogue is joining in on the Lorde love, with a profile of the singer in the March 2014 issue. I’m totally 100% on board with all of the high-brow media adulation this teenager has received, because every time I read another article about her, I like her even more. What strikes me about her is how much herself she seems, like she emerged fully formed out of Zeus’ head to teach us all about badassery.

So, of course, the style icons Lorde admires are also those who project a strong sense of self. She says she digs, “…people like Grace Jones and David Bowie, who have such a sense of themselves.” I can totally see that in her persona, in her music, and in her clothes, which are somehow witchy/goth but with a definable androgynous vibe. It’s in keeping with what she told Vogue about her new status as a role model, as well:

 “It’s a fine line between being a role model and preaching to people. I never want to tell anyone how they should be, especially not someone my age. But, that being said, I’m conscious of the fact that people my age are reading what I say and listening to what I say, and that’s cool—particularly for the girls who are into what I do.”

Lorde says she likes to wear clothes that make her feel strong and powerful:

“The kind of clothes that I’ve found I like to wear over the past year and six months have all been things that make me feel powerful and strong. I wear a lot of pants. I wear a lot of long, structured dresses.”

We already know she’s only gotten into designer labels since she’s been famous, but she says her faves are Comme des Garcons, Miu Miu, Moschino, and Simone Rocha. At last night’s BRIT Awards, she wore a long black sequinned dress and some super dark lipstick (see above), in keeping with that strong, powerful vibe.

Selfishly, I hope that Lorde’s admiration of androgynous style doesn’t ever lead to her cutting off her long, curly hair. Because I also have long, curly hair and, in my opinion, there are not enough famous people who rock their natural curls with hardly any fuss or styling, like Lorde does. I feel happy every time I see a picture of her and her hair. But of course, it’s her hair. If there’s one thing that we can be sure of, it’s that Lorde’s look and fashion choices will continue to be hers and hers alone.

Photo: Getty Images