louis vuitton monogram bag

In the summer between eighth and ninth grade, I would waste every morning watching hours upon hours of Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, wishing I could be the (much tidier) owner of Jessica Simpson‘s oversized closet. She had heaps of expensive clothes, piles of bug-eye sunglasses, and every other purse she carried was emblazoned with the Louis Vuitton logo. Her white monogram bag was the third most important character on the show. It made the rounds outside of Newlyweds, too– I remember seeing Ashley Tisdale take it on the red carpet, and even Lindsay Lohan‘s Mean Girls character had one. How did those bags– which weren’t even that different or special or visually interesting– make such a big mark on our pop culture? When their next big hit was basically a brown version of the same bag, why didn’t everyone get sick of Louis Vuitton and move on? I might not be able to explain why the LV monogram bag is so iconic, but it doesn’t seem to be going out of popularity anytime soon. The brand has just debuted a new line of monogram bags that resemble their famous ancestors, but with a modern twist.

new louis vuitton monogram bags

The new look hasn’t deviated too far from the bags I coveted as a teenager, but the logos are more subtle and the designs are more daring. There’s a lot more going on with these, from buckles to fringe to metal, and it’d certainly be harder to replicate them in a knockoff warehouse. They might not be perfect for everyday wear (unless you’re a lot edgier than I am), but they’re exciting! Exciting enough to inspire a new generation of middle school dorks to salivate over them, I’m sure.

These are still exorbitantly priced, or course, and if I were to stumble upon a spare thousand bucks, it probably wouldn’t go towards fulfilling my teenage dream of looking like Jessica Simpson. I guess I’ll just have to stare at the photos of the new bags and daydream. Sigh.

Via Refinery29 / Photos: Louis Vuitton