fashion week

Fashion Week begins today! And I know we can all come up with good reasons to hate it. The lines are too long. The people are all on their cell phones trying to be really important and talking loudly in those exceedingly long lines. Now that NYFW happens at Lincoln Center rather than Bryant Park it feels like you are waiting in an airport for a plane that never takes off. And yet… and yet there are still a few reasons to love fashion week. These are those reasons.

1) Free food. Look, I’m never going to be able to overstate the joy that comes from just reaching into a box of Fiber One bars and realizing you can take twenty of them, and they’re all free. And, also, often there is muscle milk at the Fashion Week tents. All of this hinges around the notion that you are someone who eats during fashion week, but I believe you do. I believe you are that person. In the land of the juice fasters, the tiny minority eating solids may live as kings (and the rest of people still get Muscle Milk, so that’s something).

2) It’s one of the only time you get to see fashion as a real art form. I know that Stanley Tucci in The Devil Wears Prada proudly says the clothes are, “Art you live your life in”. However, you rarely actually get to see clothing that way. I mean, you can try to tell yourself that your heavy winter sweater is art, but really, it’s just functional. But the clothes you see at fashion shows? Yes, those are pieces of art. Indisputably.

3) You finally get to wear the pieces you’d never wear anyplace else. Dude. You can carry a doll dressed exactly like you to Fashion Week, and nobody will bat an eyelash. People will actually praise you for it, and think it’s really bold. This is a thing that has actually been done. There is the highest possible tolerance for odd dressing imaginable at Fashion Week. It’s rivaled only by Halloween in this regard.

4) Everyone will at some point sit second row. Even if you’re standing in the back of the tents, at some point, publicists will need people to fill in the front rows. And then you will be sitting behind a movie star, and if you wanted, you could make bunny ears behind their head. Or put things in their hair. I don’t know what you could do, but I know if you show up at enough fashion shows, one day this will happen, and it will be great.

5) There are people who are really excited to be there. For every horrible buyer shouting on their phone about how it is ridiculous that they are being kept waiting, there is one magazine intern who thinks that this is the best day of their lives. Look for that person. Focus on them. Remember how it felt to be profoundly young.

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