Grace_CoddingtonUnless you were a die-hard Vogue fan, you probably didn’t know who Grace Coddington was until you saw the documentary, The September Issue. Even if you knew who she was before then, you probably didn’t realize that she’s one of the few women who actually stands up to the terrifying Anna Wintour and puts her in her place from time to time. (Grace, we love you.)

With her recently-released memoir, Grace, just barely on the shelves, the opionated lass is far from done with her input on the fashion world. This time she’s talking about her friend Nicolas Ghesquière‘s departure from Balenciaga, and weighing in on Alexander Wang who is set to take Ghesquière’s place at the fashion house:

“Don’t think of it as the same house as it was when Nicolas was the creative director; that’s everybody’s mistake.” Wang, she says, will have a “whole different agenda” during his tenure, however long that may be, because “he can’t be somebody else, and he certainly can’t be Nicolas.”

Well then. We can see where Coddington’s loyalty lies and exactly whose team she’s on these days. While we can admit that Balenciaga will be extremely different, as these designers are extremely different, can we at least give Wang a little more credit than simply saying he has a “whole different agenda.” It sounds as though he has a plot to take down the fashion house and turn into something horrible — like, oh I don’t know — a Wal-Mart. “Agenda” just has a nasty ring to it.

As for Ghesquière, Coddington firmly believes that after “biding his time,” he’ll make a come back, so don’t you fret my furry pets. And she’s probably right, because she’s Grace Coddington, and as we already covered, she’s far cooler than all of us. Seriously. Do you know anyone else who can rock that hairstyle?

Photo: Flickr

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