At first glance, you might be thinking that this look that Lady Gaga wore to promote her album in Mexico is a bit much for everyday. And you might be right.

But I’d like to focus on one peice of the ensemble: the pasties worn under a sheer shirt. I feel like this look is the visible-bra-under-a-sheer-shirt’s rebellious new stepsister, and not to play favorites, but I like it better. Honestly, I’ve always felt like the visible bra thing was contrived; a walk on the wild side for people who aren’t wild enough to think of something original.

And it’s entirely possible that in this economy, wearing just pasties under a sheer top isn’t that wild, either. But at least it’s new and fresh, and if you’re going to be showing your undergarments, or your side boob, or your underboob, for that matter (you know who you are), you might as well do it with a little unexpected flair.