yoga pants

I am not making this up. Your yoga pants. Men love them. God, how they love them. According to a writer at the Good Men Project:

I’m obsessed with yoga pants. There, I said it. I can’t stop thinking about those damn yoga pants.

While I realize there is nothing shocking or revelatory about a heterosexual male saying that he has become captivated by a female fashion-trend that has obliterated the need for imagination, I like to think my obsession transcends the salacious. I like to envision myself as someone thoughtful and modern and progressive. But when it comes to yoga pants, I’m not.

Yoga pants have brought out my worst chauvinistic characteristics—the characteristics I’d like deny exist inside me. But when it comes to yoga pants, I can’t.

The only absurd part here is when the writer states that he thinks women are wearing yoga pants to the gym specifically to turn him on. Namely:

Women are also complicit here. Again, I’m not asserting that the egregious rape-mentality of dangerous men — the ones who believe if a woman dresses provocatively, she is “asking for it” — has any validity. It unequivocally does not. However, I have a hard time believing that — outside of the gym or the yoga classes — women wear yoga pants solely for comfort.

You know, I just find it hard to do pilates in floppy pants? It’s kind of embarrassing, but if my pants are long and loose I have legitimately managed to tangle my feet in the cuff and fall down, because you are striking weird poses that require looping your legs in a strange fashion, often while upside down. That’s why I wear yoga pants. To do yoga stuff in. So, I wear them as they were intended to be worn.
But really, I think people of both genders have particular clothing that they find attractive when a member of the opposite sex wears them. For instance, if I were a man, I’d wear a tuxedo pretty much every day, because I think all women find that attractive. By all women, that means me. That’s not everyone. Some ladies go for flannel, some ladies go for leather jackets, I don’t understand those ladies, but they’re out there.
But then, you do not assume men are wearing any of those things specifically to drive you wild with lust, and the same really shouldn’t be assumed about a woman in yoga pants. Seriously. She is probably dressed that way because she just wants to do some yoga.
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