Here at TheGloss, NYFW will be covered by two opposing forces: fashion week first timer Alice Walker Wright, and long time veteran Julia Allison. They’ll be bringing you some insights into the week that promise to go beyond our standard “pretty dresses are fun” take on it. Check out some of Julia’s Fashion Week coverage here and here.

Let’s go back, back to Friday, the second day of New York Fashion Week, and to the Rebeccas. Rebecca Taylor and Rebecca Minkoff were positioned strategically back to back in the 2pm/3pm time slots to confuse any particularly dense fourists (fashionista-tourists, remember? This term will catch on, mark my words. I will make fetch happen!)

Though she is typically known for her feminine, flirty frocks (which is why she’s one of my perenial favorites), this season Taylor veered off course, toward an edgier, black & brown hued aesthetic. That look isn’t generally my bag, but I still found some winning combos.

**BTW, the issue with attending upwards of thirty shows in a seven day period is that invariably they’ll blend together in a soupy mess of chiffon and shearling. You’ll recall a few standouts (that bright red Monique Lhuillier gown!), but you’ll puzzle, fuzzy-brained, over the rest. Were they showing the tailored equestrian pants at Rachel Zoe or Prete & Bruno? (Answer: Zoe) Thus, the somewhat blurry, not-exactly-high-quality iPhone shots, along with some accompanying notes. When it looks like I’m texting from the front row, I’m (probably) not. Instead I’m frantically thumbing stream-of-consciousness notes like this:

R. Taylor Fall 2012 Love/Hate



Warm fuzzy shearling black tights/leggings, as they cover a multitude of sins

Wedges, particularly oxfords

J Alexander, sitting across from me


Furry ankle boots

Detailed metallic studded leggings (badass, but could I pull them off? jury out)

3/4 length sleeve jackets

Boucle short sleeved jacket with ruffle

Long gloves with thumb holes

Arm warmers

Miniskirts with leggings – yessss!

High-waisted skirts – double yessss!

Maxi dress – love – (though maxi dress with dropped waist – hate)

Maxi dress with capped sleeves and sheer panels with a blue dot pattern – best look of the collection


Shapeless shifts

Looking down at my YSLs halfway through show and finding I have toilet paper stuck to bottom of heel. Awesome.

Sheer layers. It’s winter. You layer for a reason. That’s a layer only in hawaii.

Dresses without waists. Why?? Who does this look good on? NO ONE.

The models’ messy hair. I will admit it looks “cool.” I will also admit that I could not pull it off, ever, in any way.

Quilted, cropped motorcycle jackets

Shirts with tails (tails!!) … or like, one giant tail. Almost looks like a butt cover. Not what any girl needs.

Sheer leggings. Again, why??

Leather shorts with an elastic waist. The mind boggles.

Native American prints / Pendleton-esque vibe. No.

Quilted leather miniskirt managed to make the model look fat. That’s impressive.