There is a new trend in jewelry these days and it’s a material you wouldn’t normally think of  either.

Lucite, Plexiglass or Perspex are all names for an acrylic product that’s more common to find on trailer windows or shop displays.  But jewelry designers have discovered its strength and rainbow of colors work beautifully for jewelry.

ABS by Allen Schwartz has created a line of Lucite jewelry that looks like glamorous faceted crystals – not a type of plastic.

Don’t believe me?  Check out these great pieces!

The “Lucite Drama” bib necklace is a fashion-friendly elegant statement necklace.  It’s made from clear faceted Lucite beads in a silver setting.

Or would you like some more color?

The “Teardrop” necklace features large, clear Lucite teardrops, set with multi-color cabochons and rhinestones.  It fastens with an indigo-colored ribbon tie.

The teardrop necklace even has a matching pair of earrings, made with the same Lucite teardrops and stones:

images: Neiman Marcus