Lucky underwear on a clothing line

Do you have clothes you hang on to for good luck? Maybe you have a first-date outfit that you wear on all first dates ever because you had a particularly good time once. Or maybe there’s a certain bracelet or nail polish shade you have to wear to every job interview, just in case. Maybe that left sock is lucky.

A lot of people have special, lucky clothes, apparently. One in three British students admitted to having “lucky exam underwear” that they wear before every test in the hopes of getting a better score. That might make midterms or finals week a bit gross, if one in three people is not changing their underpants during that time, but according to the BBC, the 15- to 23-year-olds surveyed figured a pair of lucky underpants couldn’t hurt their test scores, so they might as well give it a try.

One in four students admitted that they only started studying the day before their tests, however. That’s not exactly a great study habit, but it’s probably better than nothing. And maybe they really do have magic underpants that give them good luck.

I have to admit I had a lot of lucky charms in my life, underwear included. Thanks to an appetite for fantasy novels and an unwavering belief in magical thinking, I’d have sworn up and down that every last training bra in my underwear drawer was a bona fide lucky charm, with special powers and everything. Heck, if it fit right and didn’t pinch after a few hours, I was pretty sure it was magic. Rings and necklaces might have been more traditional lucky charms, but I had an annoying tendency to lose things like that. I don’t think I managed to keep a lucky crystal necklace through more than a single test, but I managed to make it through high school without ever losing my underwear, which in retrospect does seem pretty lucky.

Have you ever held on to special clothes for good luck?

Photo: Shutterstock