Lucy Hale Throwback Santa Photo

There are so many great things about the holidays: endless mince pies, celebrities doing sexy advent calendar surprises, going Christmas shopping and seeing throwback photos of celebs with Santa. Old photos of celebs as kids are already amazing, but when you add some festive cheer, and a Santa Claus, they are that much better. Lucy Hale posted a totes adorbs photo on Instagram of her and her older sister, Maggie, sitting on Santa’s lap. Lucy captioned the photo:

“Just spreading a little Christmas cheer with Saint Nick & mags circa 93′”

Awww. The throwback photo is so cute. Lucy is wearing her best red holiday dress. (Check out the yoke, it has a fireplace with stocking appliques!) Her sister Maggie is wearing matching white tights, but instead of a traditional red dress, she is wearing a white dress with a red gingham shirt layered underneath, and she has a red and green festive hair accessory.

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Lucy has that why-are-they-taking-photographs-of-me face that many of us had in our old Santa Claus visit photos. (It was a bit confusing. Why do we need a photo of the event? We we supposed to be telling Santa what we wanted for Christmas, and explaining that we had been really good that year.) However, it just makes the picture even better. You just want to give her a hug and tell the mini Lucy not to worry, and I’m sure she will be getting her Barbie Dream House, stuffed toy or whatever thing she really wanted for Christmas in 1993.

(Photo: Instagram/LucyHale)