LuluLemon Stuff Your Bra Tank II Pocket

Lululemon sometimes design some questionable things (example: see-through pants) but this idea is pure genius. They have come up with the solution to the second most asked workout related question: “Where do I put all of my stuff?”  And their solution is not a fanny pack. According to Racked, Lululemon have designed the “Stuff Your Bra II Tank” which features three pockets to store all of your valuables while you workout. The product description on their website says:

“Whether we’re going on vacation, to the office or out for a long run, we know that packing the essentials is key. We designed this moisture-wicking tank with three quick-access pockets to hold our gels, keys, cash and anything else we need when we’re going the distance.”

LuluLemon Stuff Your Bra Tank IIjpgThe Stuff Your Bra II Tank costs $58 and is available in six different colors and a mix of plains and prints. The tank has a center narrow cleavage pocket which would be ideal for storing bills, a single house key, lip balm (an essential) and perhaps even a contact lens case. The two outer pockets would be great for storing your phone, credit cards, and gels. Sadly, I don’t think they are big enough to fit water bottle. LuluLemon Stuff Your Bra Tank II Pockets Green

The reviews on the website are mostly positive, and say that the tank keeps your possessions secure. One commenter points out that if you stuff the pockets with anything bulky, your boobs may look a bit odd, but they’re still better than an armband case. Another review mentioned that your items doesn’t get too sweaty, which is always a good thing. Now if only Lululemon could solve the biggest workout dilemma, “How do I get motivated?” that would be great.

(Photos: Lululemon)