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It was just a normal Thursday filled with thoughts of puppies and the new Captain America: Civil War trailer when something amazing happened. Lupita Nyong’o popped up on my ever-updating Tweetdeck, and like normal human person I am, I squealed internally and immediately clicked on her tweet, because when Lupita doesn’t anything, you sit the fuck down and pay attention. And you know what I saw? Oh, nothing, just LUPITA’S VERY FIRST InStyle MAGAZINE COVER. 

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Just look at this cover. LOOK AT IT:

This jade (and yes, there was a rousing debate in the office over what to call this color) dress is the perfect color for her, and the cold shoulder/turtleneck combination is super on-trend. The simple makeup and accessories play up the already-detailed dress without overwhelming the look, and Lupita, in all her elegance, is easily the only one who can carry off this look. Actually, she’s probably the only one who can successfully carry off any look, because have I mentioned how perfect she is?

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Since the cover was only just released (I’m not kidding when I tell you that I saw it mere seconds after Lupita posted it), this is the only shot we have. But, given her previous covers and editorial spreads and how beautifully those turned out, I’m sure we’re in for a shoot. I don’t normally read magazines (I don’t normally read most magazines, actually, just because I’m a writer in New York City and I like to be able to eat and pay rent so I don’t have any magazine subscriptions), but I may have to pick up this month’s InStyle just to stare at Lupita’s gorgeous self.

…Is that weird to say? Yeah? Cool.