If you haven’t noticed, everyone in the world is now obsessed with the beautiful, talented and basically flawless actress Lupita Nyong’o. She’s made every best-dressed list for her amazing caped crimson Ralph Lauren dress last night’s Golden Globes, she killed it in four incredible looks the day before the Globes, and have you even read Twitter in the last 24 hours?



Even though Jennifer Lawrence won the Golden Globe she should have rightfully claimed (Sorry, I love you J.Law, but American Hustle was no 12 Years A Slave), Lupita is basically the new queen of everything. I’m certainly not complaining because GUSH GUSH GUSH I’m joining in the gushing. Lupita’s also landed the Spring/Summer 2014 Miu Miu campaign, as well as the cover of Dazed & Confused magazine. And, unsurprisingly, girl looks good.

Somehow she makes the pairing of a bejeweled dress with what looks like soccer tube socks look sexy, alluring, and fashion-forward. And that makeup! I want the stylist who did this shoot, Robbie Spencer, to come over to my house and style my everyday existence. Of course, I’m no Lupita, but a girl can dream. Take a peek at the rest of the shoot:



Fucking fierce.

lupita-dazed-2The colors! Oh my god, the colors.

Photos: Sharif Hamza for Dazed & Confused