All I can think about right now is… the cape. Capes in every shape and color. Velvet capes and Burberry capes and wool capes (also: social problems, becoming a better person and being a contributing member of society, etc). Anyway, I’ve been seeing capes all over the place and retail giants have us covered for options.

I picked up a great example at Zara last week: simple, black and infinitely versatile: great over jeans to make denim a little more interesting or belted (across the waist and back through the armholes) over a dress for a bit of shape. recently featured a spread of gorgeous capes, all unbelievably out-of-my-league. But none of them quite outshined this Alexander Wang (cheaper than all but one of Elle’s list) I chanced upon a few days ago, during my daily self-inflicted punishment of looking at really expensive and amazing shit online.

Although technically a “draped jacket,” you can have a closer look and determine for yourself if that’s a valuable distinction or just a semantic one. I’m of the opinion that if it walks like a cape and talks like a cape, it’s a damn cape. And I want it.

Alexander Wang Crepe Draped Jacket, $650, Net-a-Porter