It’s hard to find something that hits all the right notes the way this Preen skirt does (well, with the exception of the pricetag, but that’s why we call it Lust Object, folks). I mean, look at this thing. Where couldn’t you wear it?

It’s classic. It’s simple. It’s beautifully tailored. It smacks of cleanliness and good taste, but the darting folds keep it from being boring. Hitting a few inches above the knee, it’s just a bit sexy, but you could wear this to a baptism and the priest would smile at you knowingly and think to himself, “What an elegant piece, it’s both timeless and exciting, relaxed and structured, elegant and subtly alluring.”

Just kidding, he’d be too distracted with the water and babies. Hopefully.

Anyway, wow. Way to go Preen.

Preen Petal wool-crepe skirt, $1,100, Net-a-Porter