First off, after going from $1,690 to $507, this Proenza Schouler t-shirt bustier dress is practically a Score. That’s a 70% discount on a dress so minimal it might as well not exist… in other words, it’s not going to look dated unless the entire population unites in an explosion of floral, plaids and volume such that colorblind golfers lord over the universe.

So, yeah, it won’t go out of style, moreover it is really, really in style at the moment. It’s precisely what the Times was talking about yesterday when they said the new cocktail look should be “decorated bright white minimalism,” going on to suggest that one “Dress up an easy frock with a printed evening clutch and a sparing spruce of jewels.”

Tis the season to make winter white look springtime fresh with a vibrant jewel-tone clutch.

Even better, you could scrap the accessories and spend your money on booze; just be careful not to spill (or stick to a clear liquor!) though, because nothing puts a damper on sleek, austere minimalism like Naughty Girl Scout stains.

Proenza Schouler t-shirt bustier dress, $507, The Outnet