I love a good polka-dot dress and I’ve been scouring vintage stores for as long as I can remember in search of that perfect sexy 50’s housewife sheath. Unfortunately, every time I see a bit of promising black and white peeking out of a rack, the dress is revealed to be hugely flawed, whether it be school marmish, Peter Pan collar’ed, or inexplicably belted. At this point I’d settle for a budget I Love Lucy costume.

But speaking of Thakoon, this gorgeous frock of his really hits all the right notes while doing something completely different: the slashes are ultra-flattering, the draping is feminine and the neckline would enhance any set of shoulders. Also: polka dots! Only… really more like speckles. Whatever.

Thakoon Striped/Flocked Dress, $850, Barneys New York