Today’s Lust Object is kind of insincere.

See this Yves Saint Laurent scarf? It looks kind of nice, right? It’s gray and I like gray, it has an interesting lizard print, and it’s a cashmere blend so I bet it’s pretty soft.

And it costs seven hundred fucking dollars.

So it’s a Lust Object because I want to purchase this scarf and gain the knowledge of what kind of scarf costs seven hundred fucking dollars.

Perhaps it is dyed by rubbing caviar all over it? Perhaps each scarf is traced individually on the back of a live lizard? Perhaps each seamstress must climb to the top of a sacred cashmere-blend mountain and fight the mountain’s bear gatekeeper to the death in order to recover enough material for the scarf?


Yves Saint Laurent lizard-print cashmere-blend scarf, $695, Net-a-Porter