After L’Wren Scott’s tragic death by suicide on March 17, rumors abounded about what precisely could have driven the designer to suicide. Did Mick Jagger break up with her? Was her business in trouble? The story that L’Wren Scott was bankrupt dominated much of the coverage of her death, but her recently released will indicates that she was not suffering from money troubles and likely had more money at her disposal than any of us will ever see.

A representative from her label has been denying the business troubles, saying that Scott’s 7-year-old business was considering restructuring, but that it was fully able to pay its bills and “the fact that L’Wren Scott would have been hounded by creditors or riddled with debt is preposterous.”

Those words largely fell on deaf ears, as the story of an allegedly failing business was compelling and seemed to tie up the whole tragedy in an easy-to-understand bow. But when her will came out, it was revealed that she was not drowning in debt. The estate she left behind was substantial, and according to the New York Post, it is all going to boyfriend Mick Jagger.

Scott’s attorneys swore in court that her assets were worth at least $9 million. She left Jagger a New York condo worth $8 million, and she also left $1 million in jewelry, clothes, furniture, cars, and other valuables.

Her sizable estate handily dispels the story of Scott being driven to suicide by financial troubles, which means there’s not a tidy, convenient explanation for the tragedy. That’s how it often is, though. This is just a dark reminder that suicide doesn’t necessarily have a clear cause. Rich and successful people commit suicide, as do poor people. It’s always a tragedy, and sometimes there’s just no way to explain it away.

(Photo: WENN)