If you are an observant television watcher, you have probably noticed that in addition to being a top shelf portrayal of existential angst, Mad Men gives us a great window into the changing fashions of the early-to-late 1960s. Don Draper‘s clothing is as snappy as his soul is disheveled. The person largely responsible for that is costume designer Janie Bryant (shown above getting an award for being good at her job), and with just one more season to go of the celebrated show, you might be curious what her next move is.

A: She is getting her own reality show! But not the ultra-trashy, hair-pulling, “I’m not here to make friends!” kind. (Oh well.) According to Deadline, Bryant is in development for a new design competition series with E.J. Johnston and James Deutch, co-creators of NBC’s Fashion Star, which will challenge designers to create modern versions of retro styles:

In the new show — working title Janie Bryant’s Hollywood — wannabe designers will be given a different challenge each week to create a garment in the style of a classic Hollywood film, or a celebrity’s signature style (think Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Warren Beatty, etc). Bryant and the show’s judges will decide each week who best executed the challenge. “We loved the idea of tapping into someone like Bryant, who is great at finding a look and designing costumes for film and TV and seeing how it translates into the real world,” Deutch tells Deadline. “Janie totally gets how to translate Hollywood to mainstream fashion.”

People with a skillset competing against one another to see who is the best at doing something: it’s the classy kind of reality show!

It sounds like the competition will be tough to win, because designing retro-inspired clothing without it looking like a cheesy rockabilly cosplay outfit is actually really hard. But if anyone is up to moderating this task, it’s Bryant.

Prediction: Christina Hendricks will make a guest appearance and everyone will have to design stuff for her bodacious bod. And then, in a surprise twist, they will also have to design clothes that can contain Jon Hamm‘s magnificent penis. Everyone will fail at this, and Jon Hamm’s penis will be declared the winner.

(Via Styleite)

Photo: WENN