joan harris in a purple dress

Watching Mad Men as a woman is an interesting experience— and by “interesting,” I mean I’d liken it to getting stabbed repeatedly with a dull knife that says MISOGYNY on the handle. While you’re wearing a girdle. Surrounded by your male coworkers who are lazily sipping Scotch and making comments about your breasts. It’s a beautifully written, beautifully directed, beautifully executed show, but it’s hard to catch a break from all the misery and human suffering. At this point, the only thing that keeps me hanging on is the fantastic costuming. Last night was the finale of the show’s penultimate season, and despite all the raw drama, my main takeaway from the episode was holy shit, these clothes are great.

To celebrate the impending conclusion to the world’s most exhausting television program, let’s take a look back at the best outfits Season 7 had to offer.

pete campbell's sweater and polo

1. Bonnie’s floral jumpsuit (and Pete’s stupid little sweater). I literally could not hate Pete Campbell any more than I already do, but this Lacoste polo almost pushed me over the edge. He doesn’t deserve to be hanging around with a hot, successful blonde, but at least her awesome outfit was there to calm me down.

joan harris red dress

2. Joan’s Valentine’s day dress. There’s no one on the planet who can compete with Joan Harris in the sex appeal department, and this dress was just killer.

dawn's short red dress

3. Dawn’s short dress. I’m not sure how this show thinks it’s acceptable to only have one recurring black character, but at least they dress her flawlessly. Those boots!

betty's salmon suit

4. Betty’s salmon suit. Only Betty Francis would choose to wear this on a kids’ field trip, but I’m so glad she did. When can those buttons come back in style?

peggy's silk tie

5. Peggy’s silk lady tie. Peggy’s character isn’t about her clothes, obviously, so she rarely gets an outfit that competes with the other female characters. This one is pure gold, though.

megan's hippy dress

6. Megan’s hippy party dress. I don’t know if it’s the pattern or the necklaces or the length or her attitude, but I’m so into this.

betty's yellow dress

7. Betty’s yellow house dress. I sort of miss the full skirts and corsetted silhouettes that she rocked in the earlier seasons, but this is really cool in a you-could-probably-still-wear-it-today way.

megan draper's crochet dress

8. Megan’s office dress. What does a sexy LA actress wear to her stuffy old workplace? Crochet, obviously.

peggy's blue dress

9. Peggy’s structured work dress. Another win for Peggy! Good for you, Peggy!

sally draper's school outfit

10. Sally’s school outfit. There hasn’t been nearly enough Sally in this season (or any season. She’s the best character on TV!), but at least we got this awesome outfit. I would totally wear this to grab dinner with my emotionally unavailable father.


11. Trudy Campbell’s dress with the sheer sleeves. It’s also unacceptable that we’ve seen so little of Trudy lately, especially since this dress is flawless. Love the pearls, too.


12. Megan Draper’s blue dress. I wrote an entire article about this gorgeous item, and I was really pleased to find out that the people behind the show are exactly as into it as I am. According to, it’s a vintage find from 1969. Love.

This season wasn’t easy to watch, but at least the fabrics and colors and accessories were easy on the eyes. Here’s hoping that next year’s episodes have just as many great dresses… and way more divorces.

Photos: Mad Men on AMC