Madewell Denim Ever Day

Who doesn’t love a good fashion collaboration? You take two brands that you love individually, put them together, and you almost always end up with something amazing. Madewell is taking collaborations to the next level with its recently launched Denim Every Day collection.

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Madewell kicked off the Denim Every Day launch today. Every day for the next 24 days, the brand will release a new, lmited-edition item that shows you how to wear denim in an interesting way. Madewell is also teaming up with different brands on the collection. For example, on Day 1, Madewell revealed it had partnered with Vans on a pair of denim sneakers.

Madewell Vans

You’ll have to check out the Madewell website or Instagram account to see all of the new launches each day, but the image on the website does give us a bit of a preview of what we can expect from the other 23 days. Obviously, it’s all about clothes and accessories, but there are some surprising things. Day 4 looks like some sort of (denim-scented?) candle, Day 10 appears to be a chair and Day 22 looks like a denim polo.

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Even if you already have a sizable denim collection, there is always room for something else. Instead of buying another pair of medium-wash skinny jeans that are identical to the ones already in your closet, pick up something unique from Madewell’s Denim Every Day collection.

Check out Madewell to find out more about the Denim Every Day collection.

(Photos: Madewell)